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Iggle Piggle is one of the most popular characters in the children's TV show In the Night Garden, where Iggle Piggle and his friends live together in a fantasy woodland world where everyone loves each other very much!

In the Night Garden is aimed at an audience of pre-school children. Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and the rest of the stars of In the Night Garden have been created by the same people who brought us the Teletubbies. In the Night Garden is filmed in real woodland location which adds to the magical feel and gives a compelling and realistic experience for a younger audience.

There are some great Iggle Piggle toys and In the Night Garden Toys available to buy, the most popular being the interactive Dancing Iggle Piggle plush toy. To check the best prices for the Dancing Iggle Piggle click here: Blanket Time Iggle Piggle

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Iggle Piggle Toys 

Here Comes Iggle Piggle

Iggle Piggle resembles a cuddly blue teddy with a shock of spiky red hair. Iggle Piggle carries a bright red blanket everywhere, he is never without his Iggle Piggle blanket! At the beginning and end of every episode of the TV show, he travels to and from the Night Garden in a small wooden boat where he uses his red blanket as a sail.

Iggle Piggle has a wonderful personality, always happy and energetic he can often be seen skipping and bouncing around the Night Garden with his friends. Night Garden Iggle Piggle throws himself to the ground when he gets excited, lying on the ground with his arms and legs spread out wide!

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Take a look at this Iggle Piggle video:


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